Kier Group Fellowship

Established in 1998, the Kier Group Fellowship Trust has a steadily growing membership comprising former Kier employees who have either retired or left the company after ten years’ service. Members of the Trust share a common desire to maintain a social link with the business.

The aim of the Trust is to create environments within which former Kier employees can keep in touch with one another for social, sporting and welfare activities at a variety of locations throughout the UK. These vary from area to area but activities range from a gentle walk and pub lunch to a week’s touring holiday for the more adventurous.

The Trust, through its range of events and activities, provides a link for fellowship and mutual self-help. Not only does it aim to add an extra dimension to the enjoyment of retirement but it also facilitates a link between the Group and its former employees.

Our former employees played an important part in our past and have helped to shape the Kier Group of today. We are keen that you stay in touch through the Kier Group Fellowship Trust and hope that you can continue to be part of the action.

Our Trust members are able to enjoy plenty of social events, thanks to our regional area organisers up and down the country. Even if you can’t get out and about as often as you’d like, there is something for everyone. Joining the Kier Group Fellowship Trust is absolutely free and entitles you to receive regular copies of ‘KierLink’, the Trust’s newsletter and membership of Kier Rewards.