For more information, membership application forms or information on how to get in touch with your area organiser, contact:

Brendan O’Boyle
c/o Kier Group Plc
Maple Lodge Close
Maple Cross
WD3 9SN                                    Email:

Or contact your local office to get in touch with your Area Organiser (AO) or the Kier Designated Director (DD).

Central AO Robin Butler
DD Ben Ramsay
Leeds AO Katherine Leadley
DD Nick Shepherd
Liverpool AO Sharon Jenkins
DD Bob Adams
Loughton & Witham AO Geoff Brown
DD Richard Bysouth 
Maidstone AO Anne Ransley
DD Paul Abrahams
Maple Cross AO Norman Elliott
DD Martin Reilly
Bristol & Newport AO David Priddis
DD David Snell
Plymouth AO Shirley Riddle
DD David Snell
Rushden AO Brian Hill
DD Sean Yeo
Scotland AO Joanne Devine
DD Brian McQuade
Solent AO Graham Willoughby
DD Trevor White
Tempsford AO Harold Thompson
Waterbeach AO Mark Jude
DD Mark Dady